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Company specialized in the production of pergolas

Theawningsare innovative folding sliding curtains that allow you to be able to
enjoy your garden and terrace, both on sunny days, protected from the sun, and during the rain, thanks to a waterproof fabric.

The pergolas, whether leaning against the wall or self-supporting, open or closed, become an extra room in the house that integrates perfectly with any  architectural style and any environment.
They can be completed with additional options such as LED lights, or with the application of guided curtains,
windows and sunscreens.

Why choose pergolas

The pergolas adapt to any type of temperature and can be used throughout the year.


Pergolas are suitable for any type of exterior, from balconies of any size to terraces, gardens, patios and poolsides.


Even the aesthetics are no different, in fact they offer a pleasant solution, a space that will enhance your Outdoor space even more, boasting a modern structure that offers maximum comfort.

Experience the space in all seasons

Creating a relaxing corner for us and for our loved ones, but also increasing the floor area of a public place by making an air-conditioned outdoor area available to guests: for these and a thousand other reasons, installing a Pergotenda is the right choice.

La Pergotenda is a folding, sliding roofing system, made with a load-bearing structure entirely in painted extruded aluminum with stainless steel bolts, a retractable cover sheet in Class 2 fireproof blackout PVC heat-sealed and treated to preserve it ...

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