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Company specialized in the realization of bioclimatic

One of the novelties in the sector is theBioclimatic, aluminum structure, composed of adjustable blades, which
by rotating, they let in sunlight and create a flow of air, which keeps the environment cool
below. .

The radio-controlled movement system makes the rotation of the cover even easier and
immediate, as well as extremely discreet.
When the slats are completely closed, the structure is resistant to water: rain, in fact,
it is made to flow thanks to the integrated gutters and the pillars that act as downspouts.

The bioclimatic is welcoming and perfect in all seasons.

Bioclimatic pergolas

The bioclimatic pergola is designed to offer you constant comfort and well-being in all weather conditions.

Thanks to the adjustable slat roof, it is possible to create shading effects and block direct sunlight, shelter from the rain and, with the slightly open rotation, create a pleasant breeze, for an ideal climate in all seasons.

Live your exterior in all seasons

Self-supporting cover with electronically adjustable slats.

Depending on their orientation, the structure offers total or partial protection from the sun, perfect lighting and shelter from the rain.

Also available in the "system only" version for installation on existing structures.

Thanks to infinite customization possibilities and perimeter finishing systems, the bioclimatic pergola closes on all sides, with a shading effect for the hottest months, or glazed to enjoy the view in the colder months.

In the lean-to or island version, the bioclimatic pergola leaves room for design and creative freedom.

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